Welch February Newsletter

February is now in our rear view mirror, but looking back from a social media perspective there's been so much brain food out there we're turning into library fat cats. Big stories and small ones caught our Facebook, Latest News and Library Blog gaze. So relax, sit yourself down and enjoy the little morsels we've placed on the buffet table.....

1) Edwin Mellen Press jumped into a hornet's nest when it went after a Librarian with a lawsuit. Talk about using an elephant gun to shoot a mosquito. (No elephants or mosquitos were harmed in the completion of that sentence). Others did indeed chime in on the lawsuit.

2)  Hopkins hosted an "eLife" Open House (should be the very first slide you see on our Webpage), and our own Informationist Rob Wright gave us the eLife straight-skinny.

3) You probably already know (more than) enough about obesity and underage drinking, but Johnny Hops takes a closer look at both. Blog commentary includes pics!

4) Hopkins will soon utilize iPads to "keep tabs" on service. Patients get to be "America's Hospitals Got Talent" judges. 

5) Update on the NIH public access policy. 

6) We re-introduced Alan Zuckerman, our Business of Healthcare Informationist. Here's a Vid of Alan describing the nature of his work

7) Didn't know our Public Health Informationists had Office Hours? Well, now you do know. 

8) What's the genetic code for genius? 

9) If you don't love this Hopkins Doc's story, well my friend you just don't love stories. This one brings alot more than just a smile.

10) Hopkins Diseaster Specialist Dr. Tom Kirsch speaks about (what happened to?!) Aid and Relief meant for Haiiti.

11)  And if you haven't seen the NIH Videocast on the potential impact of sequestration, take a minute.

12) Some info on the Vivien Thomas Fund at the School of Medicine.

13) 3 Univ. of Virginia and Johnny Hops Professors are considered the most influential scholars in education policy. (Personally, I think UVA is riding on our coattails).

14) Hopkins Professor "weighs in" on heart attack burgers. 

15) And lastly, the School of Public Health picked some outstanding faculty. (Though they did it with student evaluations, which are a little dicey says the skeptic in me) But kudos to all!


Hope there was an item or two you caught up on. Look for us at the end of March, and if you've got something you'd like to pass along feel free to send it my way. 


Alonzo LaMont



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