Welch On The Go!

We keep our library folks moving far and wide. Here and There. Out and Back. So here are a few pictures of where we’ve been lately, and what we’ve been up to.

Welch was well represented at the recent (May, ’15) Medical Library Association Conference in Austin, Texas. Here’s a sample. That’s one of our NLM Fellows, Holly Thompson, during a poster presentation.

Holly presented on creating a centralized library guide to support public health research by emergency medicine practitioners.


Associate Director Blair Anton also participated in the poster parade. If you can’t quite make out the large print on the poster design it says “Preliminary Data on 20 Years of Co-Authorship”. 

Blair presented on a project that looked at how often librarians have been included as co-authors in the literature.


Next up --- Victoria Riese and Rob Wright…

Victoria and Rob presented on the reDISCOVER Welch Library campaign that ran during the fall of 2014.

Victoria was my official “missing (twitter) link” at MLA, and ‘twas she who provided us with pictures, and tweets, but she wasn't along. She and Rob are looking quite proud of our “ReDISCOVER Welch Library Campaign” poster. And why not? Much hard work went into the Campaign AND the poster.

Informationist Claire Twose was another social media co-contributor, she sent along a series of tweets straight from Mae Jemison, who gave the John P. McGovern Award Lecture. Mae is an Astronaut, a teacher and, as they say, “the list goes on.

We caught our Director, Anne Seymour hanging out after our HINARI Training Workshops


Starting far left, that’s our other NLM Fellow, Christian Minter, Informationist Rob Wright, Informationist Lori Rosman with a collegue and Anne, far left. Everybody’s hungry because frequently during lunch breaks patrons usually approach us with questions. So lunch comes later.

Welch Informationist Jaime Blanck also gave a presentation at MLA.


During our Information Table travels we always encounter people who have lots of good vibes they want to send our way. Here are the latest to grace us with good wishes:

Deborah Antwih (right) couldn’t believe our bag was so well-made. And that we just “showed up” at the School of Nursing to answer questions students may have.

Below, Marie Taylor (left) and Tyreesia Johns (also known as "Angel" to her friends) brought smiles and more. “You do this all around campus?” Answer questions and offer a giveaway or two? That’s a definite YES, Marie. Tyreesia is a longtime School of Nursing buddy who's always helpful and never fails to ask if we need any help or assistance. She works in mail services on the first floor. Stop in and say "Hello" when you get a chance.   










And finally, also from the School of Nursing, these two below were only TOO happy to have their picture taken for Welch.

Why's everyone so happy to see us? Well, as you can see --- who doesn't love the library?

The Welch Library Communications Team



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