Welch Holiday Party

We had ourselves some festivities last week, and just thought you'd like to see a few folks who joined in and made the party a delight.

Here's Chris Henry, channeling the great Jimmy Smith and doing so impeccably.



Lavinia Wiggs and Will Bryant are all a-glow --- probably because it's Friday and life is ALWAYS good when Friday arrives. 


A few of Santa's helpers stopped by to nosh and share some cheer. In this case, Nancy Roderer's husband David blisfully descends into some scrumptious dessert. While still managing a lil casual conversation. I can't multi-task that good.


Lisa Song takes home a prize from our raffle --- I don't want to seem like a bad loser, but I think Lisa somehow arranged to STEAL MY PRIZE. I have no proof, but she looks just a little too happy here, don't 'cha think? Anyway, I can lose with grace ---- Lisa, you can give back my prize anytime. 


A few Informationists and others just chill-laxin. Hey, the data was put away, the searches stayed static and nobody was minding the databases. All play, no work ---- we could do this everyday! OK, I'm getting ahead of myself.   


More folks munching round the table. Later a little line dancing broke out, but apparently the incriminating video is being held for ransom. It could be a long stand-off. 

So a good time was had by all. Thanks for all the elves who brought in the food and beverages. Thanks to everyone for the hard work they do all year long. And thanks for bringing all the good vibes and, as Mary J. says, no more drama. (There's enough of that to go around during the rest of the year, am I right?) I'll share some more pics down the road.

Happy Holidays to Everyone in and out of the Welch Family.

Alonzo LaMont




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