The Welch Holiday Party --- What A Delight!

Our recent holiday party hosted by the Welch Medical Library and the Division of Health Sciences Informatics (DHSI) was packed with great food, great company --- and a great time was had by all. Enjoy a few pictures that reveal the same sentiments.

BELOW: That's our Library Director Anne Seymour (top right), photo-bombing a lucky winner.


If you know our Library staff, you know we're always FULL of merriment and mischief --- and who doesn't love being in disguise?! 

ABOVE, little "welch elves" hard at work...

BELOW, our impromptu "choir" tunes up. (HINT: Our "tuning up" usually means we just get up and go for it).

BELOW, who needs Amazon?! Our gift-delivery system adds a MUCH more personal touch!


BELOW, even MORE gift-giving...

BIG THANKS to our Staff Communications and Development Committee for working like the Dickens to make all this happen. Their efforts are MUCH appreciated. And special thanks to LaShawn Johnson-Thomas, Administrative Coordinator for DHSI for all the great pics!


The Welch Library Communications Committee

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