Welch January Newsletter

We're a month into 2013 and it's been a glorious time. As Chuck Thompson, a former Baltimore Orioles broadcaster, used to say when the Orioles would win a game, or hit a home run - "Ain't the beer cold!"  So the Superbowl is over, Baltimore sits on the NFL THRONE, so lets hit the newsworthy stories from our social media sites. Without further adieu....


1) John Kim, one of the first applicants and recipients of the Hopkins Open Access Promotion Fund, had his article published, and John gave us a great quote on his opinion of OA and how it affects his work:  "My name is John Kim and I am a senior undergraduate majoring in Whitaker Biomedical Engineering. With my sponsors, Dr. Michael Johnston and Dr. Ryan Lee in Kennedy Krieger Institute, my biomedical engineering team worked on a cost-effective device that can reduce neurological diseases for neonates in developing countries. Because we want our device to be implemented in resource lacking places, OA is one of the best ways to spread our technology to everyone. I believe OA fund is a great opportunity for Hopkins inventors to publish and get acknowledged of their invaluable works by everyone. On be half of our team and sponsors, we appreciate the Welch Library and OA fund committee to help our goal to save infants in developing countries!"

2) A Hopkins Nursing student looked at the paradigm between Chinese & Western medicine. 

3) We also went deep undercover to unearth the "the Whipple procedure". OK, maybe we didn't have to dig that deep.

4) "Teaching to the way student's learn," Hopkins Assistant Dean Harry Goldberg spells it out clear as a bell.

5) The passing of Aaron Schwartz took us into the very haunting backstory that he lived with. We tried to identify the principal culprits in this SAD melodrama.

6) "How Doctors Die" doesn't correlate to how WE die (as you scroll down, you'll see that for good measure my own LAST GREAT THING was included. We're all Spartacus, baby.)

7) The January Podcast took us into BrowZine, Lonesome Doc vs. WelDoc and the Joanna Briggs Institute. A Trifecta. Co-Host Informationist Victoria Goode and guest Carrie Price, also an Informationist ---no they don't grow on trees) lay them all out. 

8) Mutated genes can't play the innocent card anymore. They're looking to hook-up and play naughty with Schizophrenia.

9) Case you been sleep under a medical ROCK and didn't know --- Catalyst now has journal articles

10) We got your NIH Policy steps for compliance, right here. No assembly required.

11)  Posted Hopkins-own Chris Beyrer lecture at Yale on the global HIV epidemic of men who have sex with men. Did Chris think he could sneak up there and we wouldn't notice? 

12) And we fit in our Churchill Scholarship Winner. Way to go Tiras Lin. You know he's happy by that "I got me some serious scholarship SWAG" pose. Congrats!

13) Our Director, Nancy Roderer, retired and we made a farewell Video. Wishing her all the best in the future. Nancy was a great comrade to our Social Media efforts, and always had a moment to spare for new ideas, and old ones.

14) We captured this from the NYT. Sneaky good-for-nuthin genes get crafty. But how do they do it?

15) 40 years after Tuskegee - do we NOW have new research guidelines? As they say, "it's complicated."


That's all for January. The new year is off and running. Stories, Characters, Issues---who knows what February will unearth. If you have something to add. Send it along. 

Alonzo LaMont





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