Welch June Newsletter – Bringing You “The Scoops” From Near & Far

Our June News arrives a wee bit late, but we like to think “we’re so worth it.” Our undercover crack team of Medical Papparazzi (me) scours the east Baltimore campus to show how the Welch Library has been occupying their time. If you think we’ve been busy just checking books in and out (no small feat!) then you’re sadly mistaken, my friend. First up, let’s get to a few eyebrow raising stories that darted across the past month’s cybersphere.

1)   Why IS your Doctor afraid of your DNA? Genetic testing raises issues of morality and ethics.

2)   Hopkins “Instalimb” launches as a prosthesis for the developing world.

3)   The School of Public Health enrolls MPH students in India. Students get to travel to Baltimore for two weeks to attend class.

4)   Open Access updates provide good news a-plenty. And inspires a Happy Dance Craze…..



5)   Researchers who don’t have a great library like Welch to provide access to the literature can now stay involved/current with free access to ScienceDirect. That’s right FREEEEEE! There’s more info here.

6)   Hopkins “Echosure” team wins top awards. 5 graduate students bring home the biomedical engineering design “gold”.

7)   High School students discover that Doctors seem to “look like everyone else walking down the street”.

8)   Hopkins Birth Companion Partners with International Rescue Committee


A few days ago, I crept into Sommer Hall to hear Public Health & Basic Science Informationist Donna Hesson (below) giving a presentation to incoming Masters of Public Health students. Though it's a little dark, I couldn’t resist taking a pic of that massive WELCH MEDICAL LIBRARY background. Whispered “ahhhhhhh’s” from the students were overheard when the library image came on. I believe Dorothy and her Oz crew had the same reaction when their yellow brick road deposited them at the Emerald City.  


And my final 2 stories-of-interest for the month:

9)   The Atlantic asks “who should take Antidepressants?” The question is a lot trickier than you might think.

10) The Hopkins School of Medicine is now working on a collaboration with the Malaysia government. Yes my friends, these are exciting times we live in.

Here’s Donna once more with Public Health & Basic Science Informationist Peggy Gross (sitting, right) responding to an inquiry from new MPH student Titilope Oduyebo at the School of Public Health Student Fair:


Max Romano (below) shared his time and a link to a valuable resource that he suggested the Welch Library purchase. We, in turn, shared the link on our webpage where he could request a new resource. In case you’re wondering, Max is not no-where no-how near to being that short, he just got down on his knees to illustrate a few things on his laptop. 


Jenna Schiffelbein (Standing across from Donna) was curious about the upcoming Welch Library orientation (THE BIG BOARD!), and was delighted to know that several of her SPH Informationists were sitting right there in front of her. 


A while ago in our “Latest News” I mentioned that our Summer Interns had arrived. “So what are they up to?”says my mind-reading self? I caught up with them recently and used my curious nature to ask what they’d learned by being at Welch so far. Keishawn Henderson, a junior at Dunbar H.S., was up first.

Keishawn (above) informed me that she’s learned how to read call numbers and stack books in their proper place. STILL a valuable skill in a library. Also, she’s worked at the circulation desk answering phones, and checking books in and out. Keishawn says, “I’ve learned about working with adults and how to be professional in the library.” Don’t worry about the “working with adults” part Keishawn ---- it’ll come. (I’m still trying to figure that one out myself)


Brigid Carney (below) says coming to work everyday has made her realize “how responsible and mature I have to be.”

Almost shyly she added, “This is my first work experience.” Brigid is entering her Junior year at Maryvale Prep and hopes the effort she’s put into duties at the library will “help me find books from now on. And understand how a library really works. ” 




Recently, Welch had a wingding of good time. The Welch Staff Communications and Development Committee organized a positively wonderful “Heritage Potluck Lunch” for us. You could bring in any dish that was associated with your heritage, OR, well just a dish from any heritage. Either way, the food was seriously mucho “CHOW-WA-BUNGA” delicious. We had choices from around the world, and all of them were excellent. Least, that was the final verdict from my stuffed tummy. Talk about a TOP CHEF THROWDOWN.  Not only did we add a splash of color to the festivities, but everyone seemed to truly enjoy a little bit of afternoon fellowship.



Sometimes, smiling, eating and some pleasant conversation is all you really need.


Nobody actually yelled “dig in,” but trust me ---- we dug in. Extra special thanks to the Committee who brought us all together…..

….and here they are, from left to right: Barbara Watkins, Lavinia Wiggs, Marie Esch, Kim Thornton, Martha Traub and Vivian McCall. Not seen, but just as much appreciated are Shubin Wang and Donna Hesson.


Last but not least, one last picture I wanted to share. Deidre Defoe was so gracious and thrilled (yes THRILLED I tell you) about winning a Welch T-Shirt, (we usually raffle one off when we hold information tables --- I know, I know “what a bargain!”) she threw it on right out on Monument Street.




So that’s what we’ve been up to. See you next month, no telling what stories, people and news we’ll have by then.


Alonzo LaMont









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