Welch Library Goes Back To School

Truth be told, at Welch we’re in “school mode” all year round. There always seems to be an audience of new visitors, orientations, new student fairs, graduate student fairs ---- who receive our presentations. We give formal presentations in the schools of medicine, public health and nursing, and informally we chat with anyone who wants to stop by with questions. Any and all questions! From parking-related issues to best place for lunch within a five-mile radius (I’d usually go with Fells Point), we dole out answers to the best of our ability. But if you happen to catch us around campus you’ll see that the library information table can be an especially busy-bee spot for new students, or even those who’ve held onto that particular inquiry they’ve been dying to ask (“Do you still have books?” --- yes we do, indeed!)    

 That’s Informationist Rob Wright (above) with grad students in the Courtyard of the Pre-Clinical Teaching Building. And yes, even though beer was served at this event, our Rob stayed the course and was all business. It was hot, it was a tad muggy but did that effect our hard-working Informationist? Rob was “all library”, all the time.  No, I didn’t pose anyone,  students were just caught up in seeing  the “Prezi” Rob had presented earlier in the day. Never hurts to see things for the second time.

(Below) That’s Informationist Lori Rosman (foreground) along with Informationist Donna Hesson in the School of Public Health’s Feinstone Hall. Wish you could have heard the soothing musical tones in the background, as Feinstone provided lots of calm atmosphere (even my camera picked up the relaxing natural “earth tones”) of  a new student orientation fair. 

A steady stream of patrons kept Lori and Donna on their toes. A new school year always presents a time for opportunity.  Regardless of how each of us are connected to Johns Hopkins, whether you’re at the University or the Medical campus, we’re all fortunate to have this special time to make connections and utilize all the available resources. 

As the school year progresses we’ll be sure to post a schedule of where we’ll be in the months ahead. Will stopping by an information table help you get that first term paper written? Who can say it won’t?   

Alonzo LaMont



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