The Welch Library Informationist Program

Many patrons have questions about the Library and it’s resources. To help you get answers, we’ve arranged to have Welch Library “Information table” at various places around campus. Practically every month you can find Welch (and yours truly) hosting a table at the School of Nursing, School of Public Health, the Armstrong Building, the hospital, the BRB, or the Outpatient Center. We’re usually there from two to four hours, and you’ll know it’s the Welch Library by the bright white tablecloth with our logo and WELCH MEDICAL LIBRARY prominently displayed. We like to keep a “presence” around campus because folks are usually VERY busy and may not make it to the library. Also, we enjoy being out and about, meeting and speaking with our community in-person. There’s still very little that can beat a face-to-face dynamic.    

Usually, I find that patrons are curious about our hours, our new renovations, our book delivery process, (see the 5thquestion down) and “where are you actually located?” comes up a few times. However, on more than a few occasions people are surprised that Welch has Informationists who can provide assistance to them. When they’re informed of this, I get to enjoy such surprised faces. Suddenly, there’s light at the end of the tunnel! Just in case the Welch Informationist Program is completely new to you, here’s all the information you need. See which Informationist is assigned to your Department, and if you’re not sure about which Department you’re affliated with, this link takes you to Blair Anton, the Welch Library Associate Director for Clinical Informationist Services. Our Informationists work with different Departments, and word has gotten around about our program. Here’s a more in-depth description of what our Informationists can provide.

We recognize that Hopkins is a world full of people who are constantly mobile, here today---across the globe tomorrow---so a reminder or two about what the Library provides is actually a "refresh" that someone may not have seen or heard about. We're trying our best to keep everyone in the loop.

Alonzo LaMont

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