Welch Library July-August Newsletter

The end of August brings us practically to the end of Summer.  Everyone is trying to grab those last warm rays along with a couple super-duper delicious Dairy Queen Peanut Buster Parfaits. Don’t try one because you can’t stop. Or maybe that’s just me who can’t stop. I bet by November we’ll all be missing the “summery treasures.”


But enough melancholia, let’s get to some news! Let’s look over July and August and see what items caught our social media fancy.

First up, we said this would be one of our “COMING ATTRACTIONS” (scroll down and see), and now----IT DONE COME! If you’re in the School of Public Health, you can now access Welch Library news and updates on the JHSPH Intranet.  Now, you’ll have to login in to see us! But once you do login, look in “Other Resources,”(middle of the page) and mouse right on down to “Libraries and Book Stores”.  From the left side menu you’ll see Welch Medical Library. We’ve got tutorials, the list of Public Health Informationists and our RSS Feeds. Also, look for any class, journal or database updates

1)      Here’s NPR’s take on the Libraries role in a few of the fine arts.

2)       Are we living through “a glut of antidepressants?”  From the article: “The vast majority of individuals diagnosed with depression, rightly or wrongly, were given medication, said the paper’s lead author, Dr. Ramin Mojtabai, an associate professor at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.”

3)      Women CAN do Math, and more says Mathematician Terri Oda. A great article (and slideshow) showcases her facts and stats, while also making the case for more women in STEM fields.

4)      The Diet Debate rages on! Gluten-Free, Paleo and Alonzo’s Favorite Diet--- “Donut Break while Bike Riding”

(Above)  Jasmine Ragland showing off her new Welch Library Tee-Shirt. Jasmine didn’t think she had a chance to win our Tee-Shirt raffle. I told her “ya gotta play to win Jasmine”. She threw  on our Tee and kept right on stepping through her busy day.

5)      Over at the Scholarly Kitchen, they weigh in on access to research paper results.

6)      The family of Henrietta Laks (below) and the National Institutes of Health work towards a mutual understanding.

7)      Here’s a short Video on Patient-Centered Medical Homes at Johns Hopkins Community Physicians, and more details are here.

8)      Can our brains actually “Learn” cocaine addiction? "The broad question was why and how cocaine strengthened certain circuits in the brain long term, effectively re-wiring the brain for addiction," says Paul Worley, M.D., a professor in the Solomon H. Snyder Department of Neuroscience at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. More on the story.

9)      Staying within the realm of the brain: there’s some good news for brain cells: there ‘s life beyond radiation.

Shuchi Agarwal (above) stepped right out of class and took her prize. I don’t even have to tell anyone to “say cheese” there’s something about holding our Tee-shirts that makes people break out in 100-watt smiles.

10)      Have you seen those hog-riding Hopkins Nurses tooling around town? (bad to the ER Bone!) 

11)      The Chronicle of Higher Education looks at the somewhat sticky issue of embargoes and Ph.D’s.

12)      And The Times blog asks one of the most difficult questions imaginable.



Absolutely not to this Hopkins student --- because he just did!

And finally, in the School of Public Health I watched Margaret Gavor (below) sit calmly doing her schoolwork for over an hour. She was right near our information table on the 2nd floor. She watched students and faculty come up to the desk, asking questions --- and getting answers--- and coming away with goodies (candy), and our ever-popular Welch pencils. Finally, she approached the table and asked about accessing journals from home. And then she asked about inter-library loans (WELDOC) and then she asked about looking up journals in the catalog and……she was just curious as-all-get-out about library services. We had a nice chat and afterwards she wanted to know how she could get one of our snazzy little Tee-Shirts.


……………Ain’t it great to be a new student at Johns Hopkins AND getting a new Welch Library Tee-shirt! Is that living or what?

That’s it for now. We’ll definitely check back with you to share what we have. As the school year kicks into another gear, we’ll be ready to put the library pedal to the metal!


Alonzo LaMont






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