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We’ve been taking road trips around campus, staffing information tables, meeting future patrons, and greeting some old ones.  I haven’t shared pictures in awhile so here are some new ones.

Informationist Stella Seal and I did a student fair at the School of Nursing students were happy to see us, to say the least. We had giveaway SWAG but more than that we had CANDY!

As you can see, giving away bags is really a hard job. We force them onto people, and they’re NEVER happy about it. 


And even worse, students tease us by being so nice about it all. They stop. They ask questions. They’re cordial and inquisitive. Really----how many mega-watt smiles can we take, people?

Over in the School of Public Health, Meijia Zhou (above left) and Mariana Socal showed-off their Welch T-Shirts (they won the raffle), and stayed around to chat me up with several anecdotes about how Welch “came to their rescue” (finding books and/or resources at the last minute). They suggested I send out more e-mails when Welch stops by to do information tables in SPH. “More people should stop by, and participate----the library is such an important part of school life.” After we said our goodbyes I felt like an honored guest who’d just come from an award’s ceremony. As I said, it’s a tough job.

And with apologies to Stella (far right----Alonzo clearly failed Photography 101), here are several more students being curious about what Welch has to offer, (and how to get remote access) along with wondering if they could actually get pdf’s from journals. And yes, they’re being so gosh-darn nice about it all.

So as you can see, it’s a thankless job bringing information and giveaways to our patrons. All kidding aside, it’s a joy being able to mingle and interact with our public. Even though they might be in the middle of an incredibly busy day----patrons take a few minutes to stop and engage us. Student Fairs and Orientations can be stressful for many students because they’re usually following a program that makes for a very long day. So when you stop by our table, we try to make your short time with us special.  


Alonzo LaMont


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