Welch Library Renovation - New Pictures

We’re happy to showcase the progress being made with our renovations. Workers have been keeping busy with all sorts of tasks. We’ve got several pictures that illustrate how things are going. 


Above, our famous John Singer Sargent portrait of the four Hopkins School of Medicine founders is being covered (quite delicately I might add) in order that work can be done around it with no harm coming to the illustrious Doctors. If you haven’t been to Welch this portrait is one that so many, many visitors love to see.  

And here’s (above) our East Reading Room demo ---- boy, I can barely remember what it used to look like! This used to be our computer space. We’re putting in a swimming pool. Kidding! There won’t be any swimming pool, my imagination just got the best of me. No doubt from watching TOO many LA mansion type rehab shows on cable, my brain now assumes that ANY big enclosed space will be adding a pool or an indoor tennis court.

The tapestries that were hanging in the main staircase are being removed and protected in storage during the renovation.

And finally…….you may be wondering WHERE our staff is located?

 That’s Service Center staff member Vivian McCall in our new location on the lower level. Vivian told me, “I work all day and you want a picture on my lunch break!” My bad, Vivian.

Chris Henry (left, and not at lunch) hands over books to patron John Bullock.

John looks a little stunned. Probably because he’s been such a regular at Welch, he’s used to stopping by our old desk. But good sport John assures us that we’ll see him again.

We’ll post more pictures as we get them. The progress of the library has generated lots of interest. At every information table I’m at someone asks how things are coming along. What’s nice about that is, just relaying the “state-of-things” creates a little bit of momentary fellowship and it becomes easy to see how people enjoy being part of the library community.

Feel free to drop me a line, my e-mail is always included - or if you care to offer up a comment or two right on the blog, we welcome your feedback.

Alonzo LaMont



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