The Welch Library Renovations BEGIN!

A monumental moment INDEED! As this first window grate (below) is removed --- those grates weigh 300 pounds --- this represents the official start of our Welch Library Renovations. Of course, we’ve had contractors, architects and workmen come in and out, but this was ACTION in motion. As they say, “streaming in real time”. Stay tuned for more pictures of our progress.


And in more Welch News......this fall the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health is launching an MPH degree program in cooperation with the Indian Institute of Health Management Research. And the other day Donna Hesson stopped by Welch with three new visiting faculty members who will be teaching in the IIHMR program. They arrived a little early to learn how to navigate their way around campus, observe a few classes and to fully discover all the ins and outs of the School of Public Health. Donna introduced them to some library resources and services that they and their students could utilize. But what did they really want? You guessed it! Why a tour of the Library, of course! Recently, we hosted the Harbor Hills Book Club and they TOO had a wonderful time seeing “the sights”. Word must be getting around the globe, no less!

Our visitors had already been provided with a tour of the Institute of the History of Medicine, but who can pass up a tour of Welch especially as we start our renovations. Above, from left to right we have: Professor Santos Kumar, Professor Seema Mehta and Professor Arindam Das. Their illustrious tour guide, far right, is our very own Donna Hesson.


Alonzo LaMont

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