Welch Library Update --- Renovation To The Library & More

Yes a major renovation to the library is coming ---- we've got the latest news about it. But what else have we been up to? Just keep reading, my friends.......


The Welch Library had an information table in the courtyard between the Pre-Clinical Teaching Building and the Welch Library, and Informationist Rob Wright and yours truly Alonzo took in the fair while dishing out some Welch Library information. Well, Rob did most of the actual “dishing,” I listened to the caroling group ---

But unfortunately, the name of the group STILL eludes me! But my friends, could they EVER carol! Nothing like some summertime tunes in the fresh, open air to warm your senses. Even on a piping hot afternoon.

Like I mentioned, Rob was definitely the busy man, he’d given a presentation to the graduate students earlier that day and they arrived at our table with question after question ---

Yes, that’s ice cold beer in the background, but we were having none of that! We’re all business when we’re on the road, and though things were a little tight (they moved us off the grass because they’d just sprayed some chemicals that day), no little scheduling happenstance can get in the way of some serious knowledge transfer ---

It’s a good thing Rob took time out from designing our fancy new Welch Bioinformatics portal to do all the heavy conversational lifting, (Our very own Peggy Gross also collaborated with Rob on the portal) because there was a non-stop crowd of students who stopped by. I ask you --- how can you not love the Welch Library? Information, resources, service and we’re out there on a hot August day bringing the support. Many thanks to everyone at Welch who keeps us supplied with tee-shirts, table goodies and all the event support we need. Here’s a reminder that our “Endnote Basics” and “Refworks’ classes are coming up on September 27th.  How do I register, you say? Ohhhh, we make it easy-squeezy. Right on our webpage, at the top look for SERVICES. Then you’ll see classes and lectures.


                                    WELCH LIBRARY FRONT AND CENTER

By the way, you DID see the announcement about our upcoming Welch Library renovations, right? That’s right --- we’re getting a “celebrity” facelift. The paparazzi will go ga-ga over our new look. We’ve generated a lot of BUZZ lately.

Also, courtesy of the Architectural firm of Cho Benn Holback & Associates, below you’ll see a rendering of the East Reading Room and also a rendering of the 2nd floor Lobby.



The new Lobby on the 2nd floor will replace the operated currently "housing" our WSC Desk.

And have no fear good people, that famous portrait of the four Hopkins Doctors will still be proudly displayed in the West Reading Room. We’ll be sure to share more details and images with you. Judging from the feedback we’ve been hearing from the Hopkins community, everyone’s just as excited as we are.


Alonzo LaMont


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