Welch Library Updates

Even though it’s still early in 2014 there are several new items worth mentioning regarding the Welch Library. Actually, the news is so good you could get up and do a little jig, if you’re so inclined.

The Johns Hopkins Libraries Open Access Promotion Fund (OAPF) has awarded $56,059 so far for this fiscal year. That’s not small potatoes, folks. There’s still some funds available if you’d like to apply, but as they say, “sooner the better.” Be sure to take a look at the requirements, and while you’re in the neighborhood you should also peruse the directory of Open Access journals.

Our Welch Library renovations are still ongoing. Here are some more “visuals” to give you an inkling of our progress.

Here’s a conference room that's getting a lovely make-over.....


And our 2nd floor lobby in it’s early stages……


And here's the same 2nd floor lobby transformed. I have no idea of who the gentleman is at the bottom. No doubt some paparazzi trying to catch a quick glimpse. Guess this will be all over the National Enquirer any day now…..

And finally, our event prep room on the 2nd floor (behind the picture of the 4 Docs) is getting a pretty new face. It’s not quite ready for it’s “Cecille B. DeMille close-up,” but give it some time.

Our changes are slowly moving along. Hey, rumor has it that even Michelangelo took “a few days” to make the Sistine Chapel. As always, when we get more photos we’ll pass them along your way. These are exciting times, my friends. We’ve got a new Library Director and a big-time renovation. Be still my beating heart, brothers and sisters, and let the good times roll.


Alonzo LaMont


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