Welch Library At Work In Uganda

Welch Library Director Anne Seymour and Library Informationist Jaime Blanck are currently overseas teaching courses in Uganda. Here's a sample of one that we captured below from Facebook:

And here's a lovely picture of Anne, second from the left. She's with the course coordinator and co-instructors along with Jaime Blanck, second from the right. Rumor has it that both Anne and Jaime are putting in long hours for the course. But, we can't think of better Welch Library Ambassadors for the job! 

We hear that their time in Uganda has been extremely productive and that the course has been very well received. We look forward to their return and (once they have a chance to catch their breath!) we'll be sure to share their reflections and highlights from the trip with the Hopkins community. 


The Welch Library Communications Team

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