Welch March Newsletter

March came and went, but some stories seemed to linger a little more than others. Here are a few memorable items from Facebook, the Library Blog and our Latest News:

1) The CDC zapped us with the fear of their latest booggedy-boogeyman, "nightmare bacteria". Following on the heels of their "Zombie Apocalypse" I believe I see a growing B-Movie trend with this august disease-control body. Could "Godzilla Attacks" be on the drawing board. 

2) Could lab research in high school kick-start STEM careers for minority students? 

3) My Twitter Buddy Kimberley Barker presented a life and death scenario that struck very close to home. The question is: Does Hope Trump Technical know-How? You tell me.

4) Here's an intriguing melodrama behind one particular Hopkins lab that reads like an espionage spy thriller. I would be remiss if I didn't add this rebuttal from Hopkins. 

5) Everyone loved this newbie about JHU students creating a device that helps infants.

6) From our Library blog, we focused on alternative spring breakers. And boy was this a refreshing breath of fresh air. Students took the high road and actually did------something constructive. I can't stop smiling. 

7) Didja know that Hopkins had the only metastatic cancer retreat (of this kind)? Our Blog lays it out with video.

8) Lancet started it's online-only Open Access Journal

9) Welch Podcasts are now available in iTunes! Yes indeedy, we're in the big house.

10) You say you didn't know that Welch Informationists had office hours in Zayed? 

11) President Daniels stresses the need for Hopkins to focus on primary care.

12) "Trigger-Happy Docs" giving away statins like candy. "Why," you may ask. Apparently for same reason we went to the moon. Cause they were there. 

13) Johnny Hops Cell Fusion Studies could lead to improved muscular dystrophy treatment. 

14) A K-12 school (that works with Hopkins, natch) decided to actively promote brain research as part of their curriculum.  

15) And finally, can Videochats improve patient care? 


I want to thank alot of our "regulars" and others who stopped by on Facebook this past March: Rema Jane, Susan-Scheepers-Marius-Potgieter (all the way from South Africa, Michael Dragon, Charles Howard, Arnab Basu, Karim Boughida, Kathy Boyer-Schick, Mary Spiro, Robert Shapiro and more. Hope you all continue to stay tuned.


Alonzo LaMont


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