Welch May Newsletter - News & Updates


         We’re back again! Another month, another look back in our rear view mirror. We’ve got our fair share of newsy items to be sure, along with a several less “hard” items worth reporting.

Shall we commence, good people?

1)      “A Manual Run Amok”  seemed to resonate with lots of folks.  Whenever I hear anything’s “run amok” I’m scared to go out at night.

2)      Did you know that Welch has Endnote Training Videos?

3)      Hopkins undergrads showing off big-time with their space stethoscope for NASA.  When NASA calls you----you know that  it’s good to be King.

4)        Cultural Comic Books!  Too much fun for words. (Guess that’s why they used pictures)  

5)       The National Library of Medicine has a snappy new Drug Information Portal

6)      The Welch Library was ALL OVER the “One Health” MLA Conference. We left footprints that weren’t carbon, but BigFoot does it all the time.

7)        The Science of Learning Institute --- scholars and researchers focusing on “cell to classroom”. It’s great to hear something that’s not “farm to table".

8)        Open Access Celebrates the FALL OF THE PAYWALL! Ok, might not as big as the fall of the Berlin Wall ---but, as they say, “it’s up there.”

9)         Hopkins rewrites obsolete blood-ordering rules.

10)      Yes Abigail, there is SCIENTIFIC IMPACT FACTOR ABUSE.

11)       Latest  NIH Fiscal Policy for Grant Awards.

12)       Hopkins discovers the molecular roots of cocaine addiction. I’m guessing that actively “doing” cocaine doesn’t factor into a scientific study. 

            In a lighter mode----once again, here’s Stella Seal again helping several folks at one of the School of Nursing Student Fairs. I know we’ve had pictures before, but what can I say---we can’t stop going back.

I’m continually impressed by what start out as a few innocent questions about the Library which evolve into a welcome curiousity about say, citation management, or “Wow, I have an Informationist to talk to,” and even------in this case----

The Good Doctor above sharing her new grandchild picture, delivered that very morning. What’s not to love about going around campus? At this point, if a patron gave me any bad news, I wouldn’t know what to do with it. 

Public Health and Basic Science Informationist Rob Wright sent along an update about the Basic Science Portal. Rob says “The Portal now has links to a wide variety of resources, including: core databases & journals, online protocols, model organism websites, Hopkins core facilities & research centers, and funding sources.  “We’ve got new content that includes embedded video, feeds from PLoS Biology & the NIH Office of Extramural Research, and links to database tutorials.”You can connect to the Portal from the Library’s homepage by looking under “Specialty Portals.”


If you have any suggestions for the blog, or items you think we need to hear  about, feel free to contact me. I always include my email, and sometimes folks ask me about this, that and the other.  I may not have the exact answer, but as a jumping off point for steering you in the right direction----I’m always good to go. 

I couldn’t let the Newsletter end without a picture of yours truly doing the MS Bike Ride on the Eastern Shore a couple weekends ago. For some reason, it’s always an OUTSTANDING DAY weather-wise. And that’s what I’m feeling below. Along with the BEST ocean breeze imaginable. This a rest stop I didn’t want to leave. The breeze, the weather, the biking----combined with the mouth-wateringly delicious boom-shock-a-lock-a barbeque at the end of the ride (Easton, Maryland has this great little place with on Dover Ave.)……folks, this is living.

See Ya Next Month!


Alonzo LaMont



















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