Welch Medical Library Newsletter--April

Welch Medical Library Newsletter                                                  April, 2014
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April ---- SpringTime At Welch

SpringTime! Ahhhh, the joy of nature blossoming right before our very eyes. The magic of being "outside" casts such a special glow. We all want to be out there. Ohhhhh, to bask in the pleasant, warm rays of Spring!  
OK, enough already! Let's get to the BLOOMING news! Let's look back at some April highlights, as we SPRING (get it!) into May. Welch is bringing you another month of great classes, along with a few blog posts --- among them a library week reflection --- and a few articles sure to cast a "reading spell" over you.  
Welch Library Classes
Who's happy to be taking classes?! Everybody, my friends.
We've got upcoming Welch Classes that could make you JUST AS HAPPY.
1) Database Searching for Clinicians (May 30th, 10:00 - 11:00) seats still available
2) Advanced Refworks (May 30th, 11:30 - 12:30) seats available
3) Finding and Importing GIS Data ( May 30th, 1:00 - 4:00) seats available
We're always on the lookout for new class suggestions, so feel free to send us yours

Have You Seen Our New Renovation?
Just in case you haven't --- Feast your eyes on these!
If you haven't stopped by to view our renovation, take a minute and come on in. New 2nd floor windows, carpet, furniture and lighting are a joy to behold. 
 From Our Blog
Welch Informationist Victoria Riese covers the recently introduced "Pubmed Relevancy Rankings" and Victoria also weighed in on "Troubleshooting Access Problems".
Informationist Carrie Price gave us a piece on "Primal Pictures Interactive Anatomy".

Newsy Notes (from Facebook & Our Latest News)
What's on his mind? He's thinking "how does the Welch Library find all these great articles?" (FYI---We have a crackerjack team of great-article-finders)  
The items below drew a crowd from some of our Facebook and Latest News followers. 
1) Johns Hopkins University President Ron Daniels cuts a MEAN Masti Dance Rug.
2) What's your first memory of going to the Library? A nostalgic remembrance from National Library Week. (from our blog, re-posted to Facebook)
4) Digital Natives (this is you n' me folks) learn to manage their online reputations.
6) In the "battle royale" between Google, Libraries and Discovery Tools --- who wins?
Our New Library Director
One more word before we leave---- you may know by now that we have a new Library Director, Anne Seymour. Anne's hard at work doing a thousand things at once. But, if you were curious about her background or what's she been up to or where she hails from --- here's the official scoop. Our new Director has hit the ground running and we're excited to have her.  
That's all for April. If you have any questions, inquiries or suggestions feel free to send them my way. Let's hope May brings ice cream days and breezy nights.
Alonzo LaMont


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