Welch Medical Library Newsletter--March

Welch Medical Library Newsletter                                                  March, 2014
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March ---- Coming In Like A Lion

Our latest newsletter brings a loud ROAR of good news for our patrons. We've got the podcast with our new Library Director, Anne Seymour. 
Anne also speaks about "Librarians on Global Biomedical Partnerships" , providing an inside look at a very detailed library partnership developed between the Univ. of Penn and Botswana, and then expanded into Guatemala. 
We've got class updates, new databases for you to peruse, and even a little bit of VIDEO fun to put a springtime smile on your face. Did you miss our blogs about evidenced-based medicine resources? How about our observations about Scopus and Web of Science? Fear not, my friends! We've got a time machine flashback that takes you right to the source. So without further ado.....
New and Upcoming Welch Classes
We've got several April Welch Classes that could be calling your name:
April 3rd:
1) Endnote Basics (10:30 AM)
2) Basics of Database Searching (12:00 PM)
3) Refworks (1:30 PM)
Endnote Basics currently has a wait list, but the other classes still have several seats available. Also, we highly recommend you take a look at our Endnote Tutorials on our YouTube Channel. We have tutorials on Systematic Reviews, Importing Records from PubMed, Sharing An Endnote Library and a few more. On the "Welch Classes" link above, you can suggest a class you'd like to have offered. If you have something in mind---we're very good listeners!  
Classes on April 29th:
1) Introduction To ArcGIS (9:00 AM - 12:00 PM)
2) Geocoding and Joining Data Using ArcGIS (1:00 PM - 4:00 PM)
Again, there is a wait list for the "Introduction To ArcGIS" class. But people do drop out of classes, so again I'd check into the Welch Classes page to see the status. 

Resource Updates
You now have access to"
1) The Biomedical and Life Sciences Collection - a new series has been added on  Stem Cells.  Enjoy all the talks on the go, and they're all now mobile compatible.

Video and Images
1) You can now view  "Access Surgery" videos. You can view on your iPod or MP3 compatible devices. 
2)  "Access Surgery Radiology Images" 
This section features radiological images that depict common surgical cases. Scroll through the images to test yourself on your ability to identify the abnormality, or view the same set of images with the abnormality clearly labeled. The normal anatomy serves as a point of reference for the other four categories: Adrenal, Angiography, GI, andPancreas. Images are provided by Spencer B. Gay, MD, Professor of Radiology and Residency Program Director in the Department of Radiology and Medical Imaging at the University of Virginia Health System.

Renovation News
Though we don't have an EXACT DATE for our re-opening, it's coming up fast. When we have a specific date we'll be sure to pass it along to ya.
(Above, our 2nd floor lobby getting all pretty'd up)
(Below, our East Reading Room undergoes a final facelift before the big reveal) 

Recent Blog Posts & 
Eye-Catching Stories:

So when DO you contact your Informationist? Welch Clinical Informationist has the answer. READ MORE...
Need help trying to identify evidenced-based medicine resources? Another Clinical Informationist Carrie Price walks you through it. READ MORE....
And here's a word or two about SCOPUS and Web of Science. MORE....
Hopkins launches new Nurse Practioner HIV Specialist Training. MORE....
What you need to know about Meeting Abstracts.
Do you need some resource recomendations?

Battle of the Health Sciences Library Bands
Never one to turn away from a fight, the Welch Library participated in a "Battle of the Bands" this past St. Patrick's Day. 
The rules were as follows: 1) we could only have 1 hr. of rehearsal time, 2) the song must celebrate St. Patrick's Day, and 3) real music must be played by a member or members of our Library. It's all documented here, and here. and our Welch Library Melody Makers put forth a "gallant effort". 
(Left to right: our St. Paddy's Melody Makers: kneeling in "faux-kilt," Alonzo  "O'Flanagan" LaMont, standing Lavinia "O'Dear" Wiggs, Marie "O'Brady" Esch, Kim "O'Shaughnessy" Thornton, Vivian "Shakes" McCall and Chris "O Henry" Henry) 
Check our YouTube Video --- We came to REPRESENT! We sang ("Lord of the Dance" by Sydney Carder) and danced a wee bit. Our dancing interludes CLEARLY show that we all took ballet. Sadly, ballet took it back.  
That's all for now. April promises to be, as they say, even "mo better." We'll be closer to our official re-opening, and that alone brings it's own share of excitement. If you have any questions, inquiries or suggestions feel free to send my way. Oh, did you miss the  Hopkins School of Medicine Match Day video? It's like a sweet going-away Valentine. Till next month everyone.
Alonzo LaMont


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