Welch Medical Library Newsletter--May

Welch Medical Library Newsletter                                              May, 2014
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Craving Your Attention

Yes, we're craving YOUR attention! We know the strong PULL of summer fun is knock-knock-knocking away at your door. But we've got news that will shake your very foundation.
Well, maybe not that dramatic --- but we're positively PSYCHED about our May news. Maybe a little bit of our excitement rubs off on ya. 
New Resources
Yes, we're all jazzed up about our new resources. Take a look-see at our new guides.
1) This new Public Health guide offers a plethora of sources to support your research. 
2) And you say you could use a little help with grants and funding? We've got another a grants and funding guide that could be just what you're looking for.
Classes in July

Is the Welch Library offering a ZUMBA class? Noooooooooo, we're not offering ZUMBA! But who needs ZUMBA when you could take-----
"Finding Funding For Your Research" on June 19th (a few seats are still available)
All classes are in Lab 1, in the 2024 Bldg. "But "how do I get to the labs? Where are they?" You've have questions --- we've got answers to those questions, my friends. 
As always, if you have a suggestion for a new class, feel free to pass it along. We're always on the lookout.
New Collection Resources
We have a new journal available: Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology
Also, there are now over 700 Springer e-books with c2014 now available on the SpringerLink platform: http://link.springer.com/
And a new edition replaces Mosby's Guide to Physical Examination, Seidel's Guide to Physical Examination, 8th ed.  
News From Facebook, our Blog & Latest News
That's Hae-Young Kim showing off her fancy-schmancy new Welch Library T-Shirt she won in a raffle. Yup, she showed up at an Information Table, next thing you know---she's sporting 'round new threads.
On with the News......
Have you heard about the Welch Library Informationist Program? Our blog post breaks down all the ways our Informationists can assist your research and your studies.
Give our recent Podcast a listen if you need to find out what's been happening with the Welch Library. ("What's going on with the Building? What's up with the renovations?") Tune in, my friends.
Are you up-to-date with the latest NIH Public Access Policy Information? You will be if you read this.
Why do Libraries still matter? Watch a day in the life of New York Public Libraries. Warning: Some parts are so touching it could bring a tear to your eye.
From our Latest News....anxious parents can INDEED produce anxiety in their children.
What was the latest nutritional fable that bit the dust? It's a goodie.
OK! You've got that presentation coming up but where can you find a few good images? Here's a couple of suggestions.
That's all for May. If you have any comments you'd like to pass along, or any questions you need answered --- send them my way. Even if you're just unsure about the best croissants and pastries in Fells Point! (My money is on Bonaparte Breads, and if you stop by the back door after midnight, they'll sell you their goodies CHEAP. Not day-old goodies, Fresh-Baked Boodies)
See you next month.
Alonzo LaMont


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