Welch Monthly Newsletter -- February

Welch Medical Library Newsletter                                                  February 2014
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Kicking Off The New Year !

Looking back at January and capturing a wee-bit of February we found several noteworthy items that positively SIZZLE with information. Yes, we've got eye-popping Welch Library news that brought snowy winter-time to life. Topping it all is our new Library Director, Anne Seymour, coming on board. In case you didn't see this from Dean Rothman, here's the full announcement:  
"Dear Colleagues, 

I am pleased to announce that Anne Seymour, Associate Director of Information Services of the Biomedical Library at the University of Pennsylvania, will become the Director of the Welch Library as of February 10, 2014.

Ms. Seymour received her BA in Fine Arts from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, and her M.S. in Information Science from Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. After serving as the Assistant Director of the Biomedical Academic Computing Center of the Dahlgren Memorial Library at Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington, DC for 7 years, Ms. Seymour became the Associate Director for Information Services of the Biomedical Library at the University of Pennsylvania in 1997. Ms. Seymour also served as Interim Director of Health Sciences Libraries at the University of Pennsylvania from 2006-2009. 

Ms. Seymour has a great vision for how a great academic medical library with the tradition of the Welch Library can contribute to Johns Hopkins in the 21st century. She also has a strong interest and background in global health. 

Please join me in congratulating Anne and welcoming her as the Welch Library Director. 

Paul B. Rothman, M.D.
Dean of the Medical Faculty
CEO, Johns Hopkins Medicine"  

New and Upcoming Welch Classes
There are still a few sets available for several February Welch Classes:
"Database Searching For Basic Sciences" and the ALWAYS popular "Refworks." 
And while you're glancing through --- you may notice our BRAND NEW class coming up March: "De-Identifying Human Subjects Data For Sharing." This class is being taught by David Fearon, Data Curation Consultant for Johns Hopkins University, who sat down for a podcast with us back in 2012.
Also in March, we've still got room for you in "Endnote" and "Endnote Basics." But like they say about peanuts ---- "get 'em while they're hot!" (translation: sign-up while seats are still available). By the way, do you need to share an Endnote Library?

Old Windows Being Removed

Social Media

Victoria Goode explains the nuances of meeting abstracts and conference proceedings. And in the "Toot Our Own Horn" Department, feel free to keep up with Welch in a variety of ways. As the title says, we're cranking up our social media. So don't be a stranger. We do alot more than check-in and check-out books, my friends.

More Renovation News
Yes, we're still in the midst of our Renovation as our blog details (also note the latest Open Access news). All the photos in this month's newsletter display photos that peek into the changes being done. We're on track to re-open sometime this spring. 
(Here's one of our new windows being pressure-treated at the factory in Missouri)

Leaving Comments On PubMed
Did you know you could leave now comments on PubMed? Absolutely!
(New carpet in our West Reading Room)
The History Of Medicine As Seen Through Caricature
From our Facebook page, we posted about the Wellcome Library over in the UK has released an enormous amount of historical photo images, some are guaranteed to be a shock to the senses.
(New Windows Now Adorn Our Entrance) 
A Search For Self
Also from our FB page, the NY Times has a fascinating piece on brain scans. Can our true self be mapped out? 
Read More.......
What's "Coming 'Round The Bend at Welch?" You can look for our upcoming Podcast with the Dean of the School of Public Health, Michael Klag. Till next time, friends. If you've got questions or comments, as always, feel free to pass along my way.
Alonzo LaMont


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