Come in and sit yourself down to some good old-fashioned Welch November reflections. Kick your clogs off and “set a spell.” So hot off the griddle, let’s chow down on the good stuff from Facebook, the blog and our latest news:


1)   Do better Residencies add up to better Docs? Better yet, does hospital prestige outweigh a more compassionate hospital?

2)   For the sake of sick kids everywhere,  I wish that whatever we call “pop music” had ALOT more of this.

3)   Yours Truly Alonzo does a little pontificating on the future of Science and Medicine.

4)   Should Doctors handle Twitter disclosure? I don’t think anybody should disclose ANYTHING on Twitter. I wouldn’t give my show size to Twitter!

5)   Fake Medicine gets a free pass. The world yawns.

6)   Here we are showing off our fancy-pants-new Biomedical Informatics. We don’t like to brag, but…..

7)   If you didn’t know that the NIH was enforcing their Open Access Research Policy, you best put on your reading glasses.

8)   Education Life along with Science are moving into the great outdoor wilderness. I’m speaking metaphorics, my people.

9)   Gamers match Physicians in robotic surgery simulation. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Make sure you ask to see some credentials before you go under the knife.

10  Steps to deal with dementia symptoms.

11) Stem Cells in personalized medicine----yow-wee, you know this is "a big-un".

12) Clearing the "personality disorder" fog. Personally I like my disorders to have some vague-qualities. I don't want 'em KNOWN right away----just figure me out as you go along.

13) Hopkins Swing Dancers saving lives. With "unassuming brilliance," no less! Damn if I don't feel practically sub-human.

14) If you haven't seen a moment or two of "East Side Story" (Johns Hops and the AFRO Celebrate East Baltimore) then give it a watch. Alonzo's yapping away during the first 4-5 minutes, but after that----you'll get the tone of it. 

15) And Tuberculosis could have finally met it's match. 

16) And if you want to know who's behind the Welch Library-----one picture says it all.


All the best from me to you. Now, don't go getting all crazy over the Holidays. Remember----they're the only family you've got. See you in our January, 2013. But you can catch us on Facebook, or right here. If you've got a story you think should be promoted, feel free to send my way.


Alonzo LaMont





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