Welcome to our October Newsletter. We managed to come through an epic storm, (most of us thankfully, and we hope everyone else turns out OK though we know many on our coastlines and elsewhere were hit hard) and here’s what we saw and read about this past month:

1) Who could ignore our BRAND NEW REDESIGNED BLOG? Ain’t it pur’tee? Ain’t it D-Vine? If you want to leave a comment or two feel free. I listen to everything that’s good, and what’s bad I completely dismiss!

2)  Hopkins goes on the road to India. Clinics & Curry are now on the medical menu.

3)  Higgs-Boson got snookered. Didn’t win no Nobel. Didn’t win NO NUTHIN! Chris Bubless Llamado, Catherine Craven and Maurice Wright must have thought likewise cause they “liked” it on Facebook. Psilocybin Studies channel our inner Psychodelia.

4)  Scientific Retractions Get The once over at NPR.

5)  The Stem Cell Debate ---“How Do Ya Make It Work?” CNN takes us on a lengthy, but most informative  journey.

6) We gave some Major Congrats to Hopkins PI’s who won an NLM Award.

7)  Have you seen some of these Journal Costs? And you get sights from our time at the School of Nursing during Open Access Week.

8)  The web of Knowledge has some new enhancements.

9)  An argument for rural medicine being the most stimulating medicine.

10) Hopkins Docs break down meningitis deaths.

11) By far THEE most EARTHSHAKING TOPIC was the run-away Kitty who tried to scale the bars at the Welch Library. She resisted assistance. (See if she EVER gets a library card!)

12) This Nobel winner was told not to quit his day job (“and oh by the way, you’ll never get nowhere with Science, BUB”).

13)  And just how’s YOUR published research doing? Are you keeping track? The social media impact on research gets bigger n’ bigger.

14)  Sure in the future medical devices will dissolve in you. But the real question is----what kinda dissolve are we talking? If you swallow a key, you’re getting a key back, am I right?

15) Biomedical job market is a dry well, pander. So says some Johny Hops Admin folks (among others).

16) Hopkins launched it’s “Open Access Promotion Fund.”

17) Jaime Blanck shows us how to do Grand Rounds.  Lemme tell you,  Jaime was allllll bid’ness.

18)  Does your Doctor know about the drugs he/she prescribes? Ben Goldacre gives testimony so real it hurts.

19) Hormone therapy can maybe cut Alzheimer’s Risk in menopausal women. Kathy Boyer-Shick showed us some love with this one.

20) And if you’re around this Monday, Nov. 5th (at 5:00), stop on by “East Side Story – Johns Hopkins and the AFRO American Newspaper Celebrate East Baltimore” (Directed by Your truly Alonzo!)  The details are all HERE!

Here’s to having a Hurricane-Free November!

Alonzo LaMont


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