Welch Online Tutorials Have Gone Viral

   In case you missed it….we’ve recently added some “viral videos” that are positively MUST WATCH. But here’s a little disclaimer. Our videos may not provide the same entertainment as the 20 yr. old who took a selfie of himself EVERYDAY FOR 8 YEARS, or watching the art of Snow-Swimming. Nor will they POP like the Canadian Indie-Rock Band “Walk Off The Earth” doing THE BEST Tap Dance Non-instrumental cover of Adele’s “Hello. And who could match up with a sneezing Pomeranian (you’ve never heard a sneeze like this sneeze), or babies going through tunnels!!! (too precious for words)

But for educational purposes, we believe our videos have got all those beat. Hands down. What’s that you say, “No way! How can you top all that?!” It’s easy………we’ve got ONLINE TUTORIALS.

From the NCBI YouTube channel, to CINAHL Databases to ARES e-reserve information for faculty and administrative assistants --- we have resources that cover a wide-variety of subjects. We've had many of these videos on our YouTube Channel, but now we've made the process of finding specific tutorials more intuitive for our patrons to discover.  And not all of the resources are from the video arena. There’s online training help, a RefWorks FAQ, and Powerpoint presentations. Take a look at the DATABASE SEARCHING page and while you’re “in the neighborhood,” click on the BIOINFORMATICS page. There’s a wealth of information that’s easily accessible. We owe a big “Thanks” to members of our Advanced Technology and Information Systems team for creating such a user-friendly tool. Our Tutorials may not have the same splash as 1,000 musicians in Cesena, Italy playing the Foo Fighters “Learn To Fly,” (they wanted “the Fighters” to come over for a concert) --- but, we’re pretty comfortable in the value they’ll bring to our patrons. You can find them right on our webpage.

And let’s face it, can anyone even think of “Pomeranians” and still keep a straight face?


The Welch Library Communications Team

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