Welch Presentation Hijacked By Ice Cream Social! Mayhem Ensues!

Yes, we were there. We saw it LIVE. We were all a witness. One minute we were hearing about all the benefits of Lynda. Com presented by Eileen McNulty (below)....at least we think it's Lynda.com. 

Ahhhh. Here's proof (below) that it's really Lynda. com. 

(Note: Lynda.com doesn’t exist in a water bottle) As you can see, without trick photography, Rob Wright (above, background) is starting to personally attack a table of Ice Cream, Cake and Cookies. (Note: We all thought Rob was so much better than this) What in the name of Humanity is going on?! 

Led by our fearless Welch Library Director Anne Seymour (below), chaos began to rule! (Note: that warm yet “Sinister Smile” as Anne contemplates her All-Powerful "Cake Domain") And just like that, Lynda.Com went bye-bye. 

Pretty soon, Frivolity Ruled, and everyone was overcome by a severe, disturbing case of “IT’S FRIDAY”.

The fun brigade (below) includes --- (from left to right) Vivian McCall, the "Evil Puppet Mistress of Frolic" (Note: Vivian never saw a chaotic moment she didn’t embrace.  Anne Seymour exercising some strangely diabolical “Massage Control” over Marie Esch, who seems to be exercising the same Control over Kim Thornton (sitting) in blue cap ---- (Note: Kim’s inclusion is proof that the local Asylum DOES allow off-site client visitations). Innocent Bystander Rob Wright, a reluctant hostage, can’t believe Lynda.com evolved into this madcap photo-op. And finally, (standing) Barbara Boardley, who’s WANTED for 8 Counts of “PUBLIC NICE-NESS” in 3 states. (Note: Barbara is often seen SMILING WHILE SHE WORKS) Yes......it’s really that bad.

The entire event is completely summed up by Donna Hesson’s (below) spontaneous “It’s Sooooooo Yummy” Face. Donna's closed eyes say it all: Ice Cream Bliss.

 It’s something about Ice Cream & goodies in the middle of the afternoon that turns everyone into Children-At-Play.  Now just to be clear, Eileen did present an informative Lynda.com introduction. And we all listened very  attentively. So why all the treats? Well you’ll be happy to know that the Welch Library Staff all have birthdays, and we celebrate them monthly. We’re regular celebrating renegades! Living on the edge. Outside the box. Born to be Wild.


The Welch Library Communications Team















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