Welch Says "Play Ball!"

It’s that time of year! Can’t you just feel the (Oriole) magic in the air? Baseball season is upon us. Spring arrives and we’re pulled into the powerful vortex that is major league baseball. Much like the voyage of the Starship Enterprise ---

--- at one time or another we’re all caught in the powerful grip of something unexplainable, something beyond comprehension--- and it’s called Baseball Fever. Fortunately for our patrons, our libraries provide the perfect cure. Which is this case happens to be, face the fever and overindulge! We’ve got books and DVDs to study the phenomenon that is Baseball. An easy “Baseball” inquiry into Catalyst reveals all sorts of options. Ken Burns documentary on Baseball is an excellent place to start. Or, if you’re new to the sport and want to brush up before a summer visit to Camden Yards (you have to get Boog’s B-B-Que!), try Joe Morgan’s “Baseball for Dummies”. Don’t be ashamed, Joe is a former major leaguer and Hall-of-Famer, and many times I’ve rummaged through this book because he breaks down the intricacies of the sport for everybody, and though I’ve watched and played a game or two in my time, Joe provides insights that bring the game to life. Or, let’s say you’ve been around the block a little bit and you’ve already been “enlightened.” Well then, “Moneyball” offers a pragmatic look on winning ballgames at the major league level. The strategy described in “Moneyball” runs completely against conventional major league thinking.      

But for pure sentimentality --- you may even shed a tear --- read or watch “The Natural.” Written by Bernard Malamud, and brought to cinematic life by Robert Redford (who could ever forget “Bump Bailey” crashing into the outfield fence). And if your favorite player of all time happens to be Hank Aaron, you’re in luck. The library has an online book that explores Hammerin Hank in all his glory. 

I hope this helps you survive the upcoming season.

And, as an EXTRA ADDED ATTRACTION, if you happen to know the name of Robert Redford’s bat from “The Natural” (you’re at Hopkins so don’t cheat :-) the first five (5) people to send an e-mail to alonzo@jhmi.edu with the correct name of the bat get a Welch T-shirt and a $15 gift card from the Daily Grind.

The Welch Library Communications Team

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