Welch Video Discusses New Bioinformatics Portal

Take a minute to see our NEW VIDEO that comes straight from the Welch Library YouTube Channel (did you just go "I didn't know Welch had a YouTube Channel"). It features Informationists Peggy Gross, Rob Wright along with your host (Non-Informationist) Alonzo. Peggy and Rob discuss their efforts in creating a Bioinformatics portal. They goal is for the portal to reflect a collaborative effort between themselves and the Hopkins community. See, it's not theirs---it's yours. They're just sharing the love. 

Also, they speak about a NCBI Summer Workshop they're planning. It's sounds more like an NCBI Bootcamp, since they intend to address some NCBI Fundamentals surrounding searching strategies. You don't want to search for hours and wind up with results that include homemade apple pie recipes. Much as you may love apple pie (tip: microwave apples for 30-40 seconds, or longer, before you put them in pie crust), I don't think you want the oh-so-many wonderful culinary charms of applie pie variants in your search.


Alonzo LaMont


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