What's Your Summer Reading Look Like?

Ahhhh, the joys of summer. Time away from work. Beach? Mountains? Backyard. Vacation? Staycation? Whatever’s in the works, you just KNOW you’ve got to have a good book around. What’s summer without diving into a sure-fire page turner?! Many patrons on the east Baltimore campus request books from the Eisenhower Library as they have a huge selection of “normal” reading material. “Normal,” in this case refers to anything non-medical in nature. From time to time, I love re-reading one of my all-time favorite books, “When Harlem Was In Vogue.”

I never get tired of the atmosphere, factual information and ideas that the author, David Levering Lewis, presents. And, though I've read "When Harlen Was in Vogue several times, I keep going back because the Harlem Renaissance was such an enormously fascinating period in American History.




And as you can see above, “Harlem” is right in the Eisenhower collection. Also, when I’m in the mood for something more “summerish,” something you can devour pretty quickly, I absolutely have to dive into my monthly “film noir” fix. (Below are a few notables from the genre)





Hopkins has a very thorough noir collection if you’ve got “noir” on our mind.

But enough about my choices? What are you reading this summer? Is there something that’s captured your imagination? Something you ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY HAVE TO READ THIS SUMMER? Are you all wound up in a mystery? Political thriller? Memoir? Historical re-telling? Biography? Science Fiction? What’s on the horizon? Maybe there’s something you’re re-visiting.

Drop us a line! in the coming weeks the Communications Team will be sharing our reading loves and likes with you. And when it comes right down to it --- what’s better than sharing what gets us excited about the books we're reading. 

Let the summer reading commence!


Alonzo LaMont

Welch Library Communications Team  



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