Which Scientific Journal Sits On The Throne? And --- The Centennial Is Upon Us!


A new metric can now determine the winner, and you can read about the complexities in making the final determination based on the different Hierarchical networks that were utilized. Thanks to James Hadfield @Clgenomics.

And shifting gears  a little bit….

As you may have heard, there’s a Celebration underway. It’s in the works and it’s coming your way. If you’re out walking on Wolfe Street, right at the School of Public Health entrance take a look up at the BIG SIGN above the entrance. Yes, SPH is celebrating 100 years of good works. If you hadn’t heard --- take a minute to catch up. Want to stay on top of events? Here’s your guide. Or, you can just check back here and we’ll keep you posted. 

    The Welch Library Communications Team

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