Welch Library Updates

Even though it’s still early in 2014 there are several new items worth mentioning regarding the Welch Library. Actually, the news is so good you could get up and do a little jig, if you’re so inclined.

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“Comments” Now On PubMed --- Adding Your Own Two Cents Is Now An Option



You may or may not know that you can leave comments in PubMed. 

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Observations On Google Scholar & Web of Science Updates

Here we go dashing into 2014. Happy New Year Everyone! As I say every year ---- this year promises to be the best year ever! And by golly, we're having one of the BEST cold weather weeks in years, decades! am I right?  


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The Holiday Spirit Has Come Our Way

Let The Good Times Roll!


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New Video Discusses Hopkins Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Initiative

David Reynolds, Scholarly Digital Initiatives Specialist, chats about Johns Hopkins new Electronic Thesis and Dissertation initiative (ETD). Welch Informationist Victoria Goode and Communications Specialist Alonzo LaMont provide the Q&A.

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Welch December Newsletter

 takes a look back at the last couple months, with a small peek into 2014. 


Stay warm out there.


The next time around: we'll have some holiday party pictures to share. 


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Welch Library Holiday Concert

This coming Wednesday, December 11th, the Welch Medical Library will be sponsoring a FREE “Patron Appreciation Concert”. The concert will be in Sheldon Hall, from 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM with songs provided by Hopkins acapella group Note-A-Chords, with additional piano provided by the Welch Library’s very own Christopher Henry.

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Looking Back At The Welch Medical Library

As we move further into our renovations, everyone seems to feel a bit reflective. So let’s take a look back as the Welch Library. Here’s a timeline that highlights some Welch Library history. As you read through, you’ll come away with a few insights into the evolution of Johns Hopkins.

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A Little Patron Appreciation

At the Welch Library we try our best to make you, our patrons, aware of the many services and resources we provide.  We try and keep you “in the loop” about the changes to classes, database updates, journal access issues and all the helpful items of information we can get our hands on. Does this make us special? No. You are the special ones.

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More Library Renovation Pictures

Thought we'd share more pictures of the Welch Library renovation:

Below, the East Reading Room is now cleared out.


The West Reading Room has lost it's carpet (but not it's personality).

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